About Us

Eloise and Samantha are two sisters who run PregnancyBase.

Eloise has been married to her husband James for 11 years, and they have two kids: Warren who is 3, and Suzannah who is 6. They live in Jupiter, Florida with their dog Charlie.

Pregnancy Base was born out of Eloise’s frustration at the poor quality information on social media – especially about pregnancy. She wanted information that was accurate, yet not terrifying for new moms (or dads!)

With her background as a scientific lab assistant, she seeks out facts instead of hearsay or myths, so all the content on Pregnancy Base links to reputable sources.

Eloise and Sam

Samantha has four children, three girls and one boy. She lives in Georgia with her husband Joe and a cat named Bubbles. She works part-time as a wedding dresser and photographer.

The whole family is really supportive of Samantha’s endeavors to help other moms who are struggling as she did when she suffered from gestational diabetes, and then postpartum depression.

Together, Sam and Eloise started blogging on Pregnancy Base, a site that provides straight-up information on topics like the mental health of new moms, breastfeeding, pregnancy symptoms, food, labor signs, and more so that mothers can get the support they need without getting lost down rabbit holes searching online.

Of course, there’s a lot fun stuff too – because we’ve been there, done that – six times! We hope you enjoy the site.